About Michelle

Michelle Volz is a Certified Master Life Coach and a relationship and communication specialist, serving clients in the U.S. and internationally for over twenty years.

As a Mindset Coach, Michelle's coaching focuses on optimizing performance, overcoming mental blocks, and improving the quality of relationships, particularly the relationship with oneself. Michelle Volz has accumulated a wide range of skills and areas of expertise from her background in Business, Psychology, Finance, and Media Production. (In addition to being a global Mindset Coach, Michelle is a licensed psychotherapist in the state of California.)

Michelle is a seasoned problem solver and confidence-builder who cares deeply about helping people be the best version of themselves they can be.

Michelle has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Advertising, along with additional training at The College of Executive Coaching and Transformation Academy.

Aside from her passion for coaching, Michelle loves filmmaking and photography, being near the ocean, time with family, hiking, yoga, and anything dog-friendly.


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My clients are people who find themselves held back by their own mental blocks and limiting beliefs as they pursue important personal and professional goals. Through Mindset Coaching, I help my clients overcome hidden success barriers to "get out of their own way" so that success is attainable - and sustainable!

The people who seek my support are determined to improve their lives, their relationships, their business, their income... and they recognize that transformation is easier to achieve with the help of a guide. "I am more motivated by discomfort than I am scared of it," one of my clients once told me. It is this level of commitment to growth and change that I absolutely love and respect about my clients.


Communication Skills, Conflict Management, LGBTQ+, Life Transitions, Losing Self in Relationships, Managing Career and Business, Mindset for Success, Performance Coaching, Relationship Skills, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, Stress Management, Trauma-Informed Coaching.
Mindset Coaching: Helping success-minded people overcome mental blocks or hidden barriers that can stand in the way of success. Things like self-doubt, low energy, dips in motivation, feeling overwhelmed, imposter syndrome, and limiting beliefs that you didn't even realize were operating in the background can hold you back and block your progress.
Empowerment Coaching: I have a very specialized niche of coaching people who have experienced the feeling of "losing themselves" in relationships. My coaching work helps my clients strengthen the relationship with themselves. 


Coaching focuses on mental wellness (as opposed to mental illness) and forward movement.

Coaching aims to...

  • empower its clients
  • provide insight and tools for growth and change
  • break down barriers and overcome limitations
  • set the focus on authentic needs, wants, and goals
  • guide clients toward living a life that is in total alignment with their values and vision for their lives.

Coaching does not include the diagnosis or treatment of mental illness, nor is coaching appropriate for the treatment of serious mental health issues, such as major depression, feeling suicidal, healing extreme trauma, or treating active addiction. 



Motivex, Inc. supports diversity and inclusion, which means we embrace and support each person’s right to be who they uniquely are, without judgment or condemnation from others. We believe in the humanistic approach of promoting authenticity and personal empowerment for each individual and for each partnership. We have a zero-tolerance for hate, prejudice, and discrimination.





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