The main reason we started coaching was because of misunderstandings in communication between my partner and me. We were upsetting each other unintentionally and it was creating tension and vicious circles of triggering each other. We were having trouble getting out of the cycle once we were in it. Michelle has been open-hearted and acutely accurate with her insights & help. Each session has felt like one step forward. At the end of each session, we came away with useful, practical takeaways that we were able to put into practice and report back on. Communication is better, our sex life is even better, and I feel calmer. We are so grateful that Michelle came into our lives. Thanks so much, Michelle.
~ Naomi

I had no idea how much the stuff from my upbringing was affecting the way I operate now. But when we delved into it, Michelle helped me see an old pattern that I had been living with that was controlling everything - from the way I treat people, to the mood I'm in, to how motivated I am, and so on. What an amazing insight. It's like I met the wizard behind the curtain and he's inside of me running the show. You can't change what you don't know... Now I know some extremely meaningful things about myself. This changes everything (for the better)!
~ Rob

My biggest challenge, at the beginning, was accepting that outside help could make a difference. I found myself thinking that we would be able to overcome the problems we were facing on our own. But I realized that our strategies were no longer effective. Having a moment (in the coaching session) where I was able to look at my partner and our relationship with a more logical and rational perspective helped me understand and implement new strategies. I feel more confident to express myself. I realize how important it is to accept outside help. Thank you, Michelle, for your work. Your work is an important tool that shed light and created a bridge of understanding between my partner and me.
~ Ana

I came to Michelle for coaching to help me with relationships and self-confidence, also for dealing with stress. Michelle is incredibly insightful. She shines a flashlight into unexplored areas and does so gracefully. She is by far the best coach I have had.
~ Frank

I was going through a big life change, and I was trying to put myself first, for a change, but I was having trouble. It seemed like self-doubt and anxiety were holding me back from going after what I wanted and needed for myself. Working with Michelle was the most empowering experience I've ever had in my life. Her coaching gave me great insight and confidence, which helped me connect the dots on things that were holding me back. I could finally break free from old habits and mindsets that were limiting me. I feel strong and courageous. And best of all, I feel happy with who I am and the direction my life is going.
~ Miranda

Coaching with Michelle has truly been great. Whenever I had a tough conversation with my boss or a coworker coming up, I would discuss it with Michelle first to get clear on my objective and to basically get out of my own way. Michelle always manages to put things into perspective in a way that gives me hope. She's extremely insightful and offers solid, actionable guidance. Pretty much everything she tells me is spot on, and for that, I'm extremely thankful. I highly recommend Michelle.
~ Mike

My partner and I were having a lot of arguments, even stupid little things turned into fights. It's like we just didn't know how to communicate. But as soon as I started coaching with Michelle, I learned a whole different way of putting the things I wanted into words - in a way that my partner could hear without getting upset. I learned how to be more direct and how to set boundaries, and how to be a good listener. Now we have discussions instead of arguments. Things have gotten so much better - not only in my relationship but with other family members and people at work, too!
~ Brenda

I used to let everything overwhelm me. Ever since working with Michelle, I'm able to put things in perspective and just handle them. I feel so much more confident. People say I'm like a new person.
~ Andy

Having Michelle as my coach has been super helpful. She inspired me to change a bad habit I had... how I was secretly fearing the worst and jumping to negative conclusions, which usually led to problems communicating with other people. Michelle taught me the skills to change this habit and several others too. I learned how to not let insecurity or self-doubt make me freeze up like it used to. I have a whole new mindset and I feel a lot more confident and self-assured. I've got some great tools for advocating for myself and communicating confidently that I didn't have before!
~ Alexis






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