1.0 What Is Mindset and Why Should I Care?

What is Mindset, and Why Should I Care?


Your mindset plays a major role in everything you do.

If your mindset falters, you lose steam on the things you once had a passion for. And you could easily…

❌  lose motivation

❌  lose confidence

❌  lose faith in yourself

❌  get overwhelmed

❌  get distracted

❌  get burnt out

❌  put things off

❌  settle for less

❌  become too negative

❌  forget your “why”

❌  abandon your dreams

❌  give up…


When your MINDSET is strong, you stay focused and on track… without giving up on yourself or your ideas.
You feel energized and motivated.

This is what I wish for you…

❇️  that you stay present with yourself,
❇️  that you are your strongest ally, and
❇️  that you never give up on the life you envision for yourself.

The purpose of this content is to help you do just that

…by keeping your MINDSET strong and unwavering

as you pursue the things in life that matter to you most.  🎯❤️ 


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One thing I’ve learned in my many years of helping people strengthen their MINDSET...

…is that the concept of “MINDSET” has many facets. It can take many forms …which means that when it comes

to working on your mindset, there’s something for everyone!

When thinking about the different facets of mindset …off the top of my head, I came up with sixteen.

I’m sure there are even more… because MINDSET can be as intricate and complex as we human beings are.

After all, we are the conductors of our MINDSET. Our MINDSET is something we create.

We give it a place to live, a place to work… a place to exist.

For the most part, our MINDSET runs the show.

We are how we think.

As we look at the different aspects of MINDSET in this blog series, notice the thoughts listed for each

MINDSET type. An example of a thought is: “I don't particularly like failing, but at least I always learn something.”

If you want to have a particular kind of healthy mindset, you have to practice the thoughts that support it.

Shifting your mindset (to a positive, self-affirming outlook on your life) is one of the few things that you

actually have complete control over.

You own your mindset and nobody can take your mindset from you.

These are the forms of MINDSET I came up with. Can you think of others that could go on this list?



The Confidence Mindset

The Worthiness Mindset

The Inclusion Mindset

The Identity Mindset

The Growth Mindset

The Resiliency Mindset

The Releasing Mindset

The Self-Love Mindset

The Persistence Mindset

The Money Mindset

The Self-Discipline Mindset

The No-Procrastination Mindset

The Motivation Mindset

The Relationship Mindset

The Gratitude Mindset

The No-Worry Mindset




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