Laser Self-Check

Have you ever "lost yourself" a relationship? a career? a belief?

The Coaching Program for
Strengthening the Relationship with Yourself

Stress goes down. Confidence goes up.
And you show up in your relationships as your best self!

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Right Now Only One Payment of $997

The Laser Coaching Program

for Strengthening the Relationship with Yourself


A Different Way of Coaching...

Brief Sessions (15 minutes each)
To Stay On Track with Self-Care & Self-Connection

There's Traditional Coaching. And There's Laser Coaching.
Laser Coaching is Affordable, Time-Efficient, has Flexible Scheduling,
You Control the Frequency, Schedule as Needed,
Year-Long Access for Only One Payment


Watch my 3-part video series to see how Laser Coaching can help
you permanently transform your relationship with yourself. 

Video 1: Losing Yourself in Relationships

3:45 Minute Video

Video 2: Reconnecting with Yourself

4:53 Minute Video 

Video 3: Staying Connected with Yourself

4:07 Minute Video 

Get in... Get Support... Get On With Your Day!

Laser-Focused on Your Goals

to find
Solutions and Growth Strategies
giving you
Motivation and Confidence
with lots of

Collaboration and Support


Yes, Michelle! I Want Unlimited

Coaching With You For One Full Year!


Right Now Only One Payment of $997

 That works out to less than $84 a month!


If on our first call, either of us feels like Laser Coaching is not perfect for you,
your money will be refunded immediately. No risk!


I Understand the Following...


This coaching offer is for live online one-to-one coaching with Michelle. We meet by video or phone and agree on the homework to move me forward.

I can schedule as many 15-minute laser coaching sessions as I wish over the next year, but I must complete my homework before scheduling my next session. I can also reach out via email if I need help with my homework or have another call if I need new homework.

If during our first session (which is 30 minutes) either of us feels this is not a fit, my money will be returned, and the coaching terminated. No risk!


 Right Now Only One Payment of $997


"Laser Self-Check"


Get the boost you need!

Keep your momentum going!

You're not alone when you have a Laser Coach.

Laser Coaching is Time-Efficient and Affordable!

Unlimited Coaching

15-Minute Sessions

Determine Your Own "Homework"

Schedule Sessions When You're Ready

One-Time Payment of $997

One-Year Program


Right Now Only One Payment of $997

 That works out to less than $84 a month! 


If on our first call, either of us feels like Laser Coaching is not perfect for you,
your money will be refunded immediately. No risk!



Laser Coaching sessions are brief. Traditional coaching sessions are usually about 45 minutes, sometimes up to 90 minutes. Laser Coaching sessions are 15 minutes, the perfect amount of time to check in, focus on your goals, get a momentum-boost, and get on with your day.

You decide what you need to focus on. At the end of each session, we set up your "homework." Then when your homework is complete, you set up your next Laser Coaching session on the calendar. Your Coach is right there to help you focus on your goals, your growth, and your success, so you are not alone.

Get in, get support, get on with your day!



Having a solid connection with your authentic self affects every aspect of your life, especially in your relationships with others.

Michelle Volz, Certified Master Life CoachLosing yourself, or becoming disconnected from yourself, is not how you are meant to live! And yet, it happens in life...

I care about this "self-loss" condition and am passionate about helping... so I do!

My mentor helped me with this very issue when I was a young adult. I have devoted my career as a Relationship Coach to helping others build and maintain strong, healthy, supportive relationships with themselves. 

Laser Self-Check areas of focus include:

  • balancing your focus: self versus others
  • revising self-talk to be supportive and affirming
  • changing the rules: allies only, no bullies allowed
  • understanding adaptive learning (why am I like this?)
  • setting good boundaries: putting wants into words
  • the "thoughts, feelings, needs, wants" checklist
  • self-identity, and the belief systems that go with it
  • the "or else" assessment
  • creating empowered relationships
  • being your number-one advocate
  • revising automatic thinking
  • validation, acknowledgment, and rewards
  • deep self-care (treating yourself with respect)

Laser Self-Check coaching is the perfect infusion of motivation, confidence, and self-care. 









You get things done that you set out to do.

Your communication is clear, direct, and confident.

Taking care of yourself with healthy habits comes more naturally.

Your relationships with others seem smooth and easy, not conflicted.

Your self-talk is much more positive and supportive than it used to be.  

You're less distracted by things that aren't in alignment with your goals.

You no longer allow old narratives to dictate how you think and act.

You have more energy to pursue the things in life that are meaningful to you.

Your image of yourself is based on your strengths, not on fears and limitations.

You are an advocate for yourself who clearly and calmly articulates what you want or need.

You've identified where the "energy leaks" are in your life, and you're able to put a stop to them.

The internal obstacles that held you back no longer have the same hold on you that they used to.

You have a ton of respect for yourself, and you cultivate relationships with others who do so, too.

You notice you’re putting your attention on things that fulfill you rather than on things that deplete you.

You can let go of old, outdated ways of thinking to make room for new and improved thought processes.








Getting started is easy!

Just three simple steps:

1. Make a one-time payment.

2. Schedule your first appointment.

3. Complete the Intake Form.


   Click the square to checkout.    


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Our first session is a 30-minute Zoom call for us to get acquainted and discuss your goals for this program. If during our first 30-minute call, either of us feels like this coaching is not exactly what you need, I'll refund your money right away.



How long is this coaching program?

ANSWER: The duration of the Self-Check Laser Coaching program is one year of unlimited 15-minute Zoom calls. (The first call is 30 minutes for us to get acquainted and discuss your goals).

: Do we meet on Zoom for all our sessions?

ANSWER: Yes, we meet on Zoom for all the sessions. Login information is always provided in the two reminder emails that come one day and 1 hour before our session.

QUESTION: How do these 15-minute coaching calls work?

ANSWER: Think of the 15-minute calls as check-in sessions. A lot of the progress you make is between the calls. The 15-minute calls are used to check in with you, talk about your homework, discuss questions or obstacles you may be facing along the way, brainstorm ideas for overcoming obstacles, and assign new homework to keep your momentum going toward what you want and need for yourself.

QUESTION: Is this coaching truly unlimited?

ANSWER: Yes, you can have a call with me on a weekday, do your homework that same day, and then hop on my calendar and schedule your next session. Truly unlimited coaching.

QUESTION: How can I best prepare for my 15-minute laser coaching sessions? I want to get the most out of my sessions as I can.

ANSWER: Completing your self-assigned "homework" is the primary way to prepare for your next session. Also, when you schedule your appointment, there is a box for adding a "description." Use that box to add notes about what you want to focus on in our upcoming session so we can get right to it.

QUESTION: How do I share my homework with you?

ANSWER: Bring your homework to our next session. We'll discuss it then. If there's something we want to look at together, we can do a screen-share on Zoom.

QUESTION: Is the homework super hard?

ANSWER: Not at all. In fact, you and I both will agree on the homework. It's usually some baby steps to move you forward, but if you're feeling particularly proactive, you can ask for more. And if you get stuck on the homework, I'm just an email away.

QUESTION: After we get started, what if I realize this isn't what I need right now?

ANSWER: There's a money-back guarantee that says, "If during our first 30-minute call, either one of us feels like this is not exactly what you need to get the results you want, I'll refund your money."

QUESTION: The sessions are 15 minutes, yet when I book an appointment, it shows up on my calendar as a 30-minute time block. Why is that?

ANSWER: The reason it shows up on your calendar as a 30-minute time block is so that it's easier to read on your calendar. Sometimes a 15-minute time block on a digital calendar can be a very small entry that's hard to see. 

QUESTION: Can I schedule a session any time I want?

ANSWER: You may schedule your next session according to your coach's availability during your coach's normal hours of operation.

: Is there a payment plan?

ANSWER: No, I've never had one for this program, and there likely will never be one.  For U.S. residents, PayPal credit might be a good choice.

: After trying this for a while, what if I discover that I need more traditional coaching with longer sessions where I can talk for a longer period of time?

ANSWER: Laser Coaching is a great program! But sometimes, you need more session-time to sort through the various mental and emotional aspects of your life. For more in-depth sessions, traditional coaching may be the best option. CLICK HERE to see more about my Self-Check Mastery Coaching Program



Want to make the best use of our time in our next session? Complete the short Session Prep Form to organize your thoughts for our next call.